Chukar $200 
Crane, Sand hill $450 
Ducks $225 
Geese $350 
Grouse, $200 
Grouse, strutting $250 
Grouse, Sage - standing or flying $200 
Grouse, Sage - strutting  (call to discuss)
Pheasant $200 
Quail $175 
Swan $65

fan & beard on panel $100
fan, beard, & wings on panel $150
standing or flying $600
strutting $600
freeze dry head, $100 extra

skin mount, 1 side - $16 per inch
skin mount, 2 sides - $19 per inch
reproduction, 1 side - $18 per inch
reproduction, 2 sides - $21 per inch

* 150 minimum on all fish

Terms & Conditions 

Due to the fact that we cannot control the circumstances before we receive your animal all tanning will be done at the customer’s risk. 

Our goal is to have your mount back in your hands within 12 months of receiving a 50% deposit from you. We are very busy and can not put your item on the priority list until we do receive that deposit.  We are happy to discuss payments and/or possible trade work but no work will begin until an agreement has been reached, or the full 50% deposit has been made.

We reserve the right to change these prices for new work at any time if we feel necessary.